Legal & Regulatory Compliance

board-performanceThe legal and regulatory burden imposed on organisations and directors continues to increase at a rapid pace. The challenge for directors and senior management is to meet key regulatory obligations whilst maintaining a focus in taking advantage of business opportunities. The first step involves identifying key regulatory obligations & adopting a risk based compliance program.

We work with directors and senior management to identify the key legal obligations that impact on them and the organisation, including the Corporations Act, the Trade Practices Act, various Federal and State environmental and occupational health and safety acts, together with case studies covering findings by the courts in. Once the key regulatory obligations are identified we work with management to establish a program to manage, monitor and report on compliance with these obligations and to keep abreast of changes in the regulatory landscape. We also offer advisory services when dealing with regulatory inquiries and investigations. As part of our compliance service we can also arrange advice on insurance options to mitigate personal and corporate risks and legal liabilities.