Our Services

our-servicesOver time our services have evolved to keep pace with the dramatic changes in the Governance Risk and Compliance landscape. We are now able to offer a fully integrated suite of GRC services, ranging from governance support to directors and senior management, right through to detailed risk management and compliance programs.

At the highest level we are able to assist clients with a Corporate Governance framework that delivers effective stewardship and management; a Risk Management program that is conducive to informed risk taking; a Compliance Program that satisfies key regulatory obligations and a robust Corporate Culture.

At the more detailed level we assist with the design, implementation and maintenance of risk management and compliance programs.

Our strength lies in the broad range of skills, qualifications and experience of our team members. Our consultants include senior directors, professional risk and compliance consultants, accredited trainers and respected academics. We also have close relationships with other consultants in areas such as board and executive compensation, change management and executive mentoring and coaching that complement our services.

We offer rates that most professional firms find hard to match. When you engage with us our senior consultants actually deliver the service, rather than simply being the contact point at the start and finish of the engagement. In other words you get the dedicated attention of experienced professionals at very competitive rates.